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The History and Development of the MOBIvation concept and the MOBIvation text messages

In 2006 Paul was really looking for a new challenge in life and whilst working in the Financial Sector of London was going well, he didn’t want to be an employee for the rest of his life. He attended a Stock Market seminar where he met 4 other guys – all fully committed to being successful with trading and knew that they were going to go through a tough learning curve. The 5 guys made the commitment to meet up for 1 Saturday per month and spend the day discussing trading and supporting each other on the journey they were on.

The 5 developing traders would keep in touch during the month and support each other. Paul starting sending little motivational text messages to the group of guys to keep them focused and motivated on what they were doing. It started off with the text messages just being sent to the 4 other guys in the group but then more and more people were asking to receive the text messages too. With-in 4 months the initial group of 5 recipients grew into 67 people from around the world. This was costing Paul £250 per month to send these text messages out.

There was a huge amount of great feedback regarding the text messages but one piece of feedback really caused something to “click” in Paul’s mind. A friend of his was in a rehab facility for some problems he was dealing with and he was receiving the text messages. He sent Paul a message saying that every morning, before the group support session started, the first thing that happened was that he would stand up and read out the text message to the entire group. That was the moment that Paul realised that if he was going to be able to reach and help more people, he would have to put a commercial structure around it.

These text messages starting off as just one-liners but then as Paul did more and more research into motivation and cognitive behavioural change, the text messages took on a whole different life. They became longer, more detailed and more personalised, fitting perfectly into the client’s life experiences. After consulting with hypnotherapists, psychotherapist and an NLP practitioner, Paul built a unique structure that results in the recipients mindset actually becoming positively conditioned towards the goal they want to achieve and now make up a significant part of the award winning concept of the MOBIvation concept and being applied all through the different niches of MOBIvation.

Being in and around the world of personal develop and wealth creation since 2006, something that concerned Paul greatly was how many people fail to achieve the long lasting personal success that they desire when they set out to make that change. How many millions of people make new year’s resolutions and failed to keep them for more than 2 weeks? How many people have read a book about improving their lives and then not applied what they have learnt? How many people have paid thousands to attend a seminar or workshop in something that can change their lives for the better but never achieved the outcome they envisaged they would achieve when they paid their money? How many people self-sabotage? How is it possible that, in this time where we have more access to information than we have ever had on diets and weight loss and we are facing the biggest obesity epidemic the world has ever seen?

The reason for all the above is a question we have answered within the MOBIvation concept and approach. Helping thousands of people to achieve the long lasting personal success that they desire…. and that they deserve. Hint: This has NOTHING to do with willpower.

The MOBIvation concept was awarded Business Innovation of the year 2011 and Paul Harrison was nominated and awarded runner up as The South African Entrepreneur of the Year 2012

MOBIvation currently spans but is not limited to the following niches: Trading the Financial Markets, Weight Loss, Personal Development, Business Building and Network Marketing.

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