MOBIvation is a completely unique approach to achieving long lasting personal change. The techniques used have proven to be extremely successful in multiple niches and across many languages. MOBIvation uses multiple concepts and approach’s including scientifically designed, fully personalised text messages and elite level webinar training and personalised coaching in order to achieve one outcome, our client’s success.

The concepts used have been developed over the last 9 years with the help of hypnotherapists, psychotherapists, NLP practitioners and other cognitive behavioural experts to help powerfully reinforce the client’s self-image and actions to achieve long lasting personal success.

MOBIvation is currently is the niches of weight loss, financial trading, network marketing, business building and personal development.

The MOBIvation concept has been proven to be so powerful that it’s founder, Paul Harrison was awarded “Business Innovator of the Year” 2011 and runner up as “South African Entrepreneur of the Year” 2012.

Why is MOBIvation so Powerful?

If you have ever tried to make a long lasting personal change, perhaps to lose weight and keep it off or build a business or eat healthier or perhaps you have made a New Year’s resolution or even attended a seminar or a workshop in order to make some kind of change and not achieved the outcome that you envisaged you would do when you made that commitment, then you know, making a personal change in life is very easy in theory but very difficult to achieve in reality.

There are a number of reasons why personal change is so challenging but one of the biggest factors is that people who want to make a change, are often focusing on the “What” – the strategy. True, long lasting personal change does not come from the “What” – the strategy, it comes from the “Why” – the reasons WHY human beings do what they do.

At MOBIvation, we deal with the “Why”, we deal with the mental and emotional triggers that dictate all of our actions that we make – once this is addressed, long lasting personal change becomes a LOT more easy, sustainable and enjoyable.

The classic example of this, of course is weight loss. Most people understand that a green salad with lean proteins in it is healthier for you than a burger and fries from the fast food restaurant. Now, most people understand that intellectually but if people’s actions were dictate by logical thoughts, then why are so many fast food restaurants making so much money and people are suffering with the worst levels of obesity the world has ever seen?

The reason for this is that decisions and actions are not based on logic. They are based on emotion.

This is exactly the same with stock market or forex trading. 80% of trading success comes from developing the right psychology. But very people actually know how to develop the right mindset to successfully trade the financial markets.

So, the reason we are able to help so many people achieve long lasting personal success is because we deal with the emotional and mental triggers that make people act in a certain way. Once the emotional and mental aspects are fully developed, then the long lasting success is what follows.

Who has MOBIvation Helped?

MOBIvation has helped hundreds of people from all over the world. Current niches that we are working in include weight loss, network marketing, building their own businesses, financial market trading and general personal development too. We are always looking to get into new niches and help more people all over the world and into new languages too.

Media and Awards

Founder and creator, Paul Harrison was awarded “Business Innovator of the Year” 2011 and runner up as “South African Entrepreneur of the Year” 2012 for the concept of

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“I’ve known Paul Harrison for over 6 years now and he has been instrumental in the growth of my business. The key as he says is “Front of Mind”. Thank you for your help”

Ed Hadome
Director, Syncsity

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